Shaping the future of the sportscar – this is the theme of Strategy 2025. At the heart of the strategy is our future product portfolio. The sportscar of the future will blend the history and values of the Porsche brand with innovative technologies, while at the same time ensuring sustainability. In achieving this, topics such as electromobility, digitalisation and connectivity will play an important role. Embracing these topics will allow us to shape the exclusive and sporty mobility of tomorrow. Nevertheless, with all the innovations and modifications in front of us, one thing remains constant: Anything that carries the Porsche crest will also feature the excellent quality that is synonymous with Porsche.


The Porsche Classic Register.

Every Porsche is not just important to us, it is part of our family. Since 1948 the Porsche family tree has been growing and changing. Over 70% of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road and we care passionately that every one of them continues to provide pleasure for generations to come. Like any family, knowing our roots is important to us. However, as these iconic vehicles pass from one owner to another they can become lost and forgotten. The Porsche Classic Register has been updated in a new format, but continues to reunite our family members, bringing them together to help care for their classic Porsche sports cars. Membership of the Porsche Classic Register comes with many benefits, summarised below, but most valuable of all is the peace of mind of knowing that your car is being cared for by Porsche.


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