The Negrente brothers began their activity in 1980, making preparations of road and competition cars.

In their workshop come a wide range of already performing cars such as, for example, Renault Clio, Lancia Delta, Mitsubishi Lance, Subaru Impreza.

The interventions that are carried out concern practically every mechanical component of the car: the set-up, the braking system, the wheels and tires can be revisited, up to the engine according to different stages and customizations.

They are also specialized in the reprogramming of electronic control units, through calibrated mappings in real time and have already developed the electronic units of which the latest generation turbodiesel engines are equipped both with pump injector technology and common rail.

Most people turn to the Negrente brothers, to get something more out of their car. Many customers of Bruno and Ivo ask to have the machine a little more snappy and they often suggest the adoption of a more performing exhaust.

Other enthusiasts turn instead for the sports preparation of the car for sports purposes, to participate in rallies, climbing races or slalom races.


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