A sports workshop that has been operating in the racing sector since 1980. We are specialized in road processing such as engine preparation, sports equipment and ecu mapping. We offer workshop and body shop service for the province of Brescia and surroundings. Come and visit us even just for a consultation, we will help you find the solution that best suits your real needs, because we are here first of all for passion.



In our workshop you will find everything you need for the maintenance of your car. Our team of mechanics takes care of every aspect, from ordinary maintenance to more particular work, always using high quality products selected thanks to our experience.

For repair work and coupons we have replacement cars, minimizing stress and logistical problems.
There is also an advanced instrumentation, necessary to work on the most modern cars as diagnostic testers for the control unit and specific software that allow us to print a detailed, precise and unsurprising quote in a few minutes.



An experienced and trusted car mechanic is the basis of a great garage service. With over 30 years of activity we can provide you with all our expertise in repair and in choosing the best products. As a garage we provide service of:

Car coupon: complete coupon service for cars of all brands. Spare parts, controls and zeroing of lights from the control unit.

Ordinary maintenance: regular checks and verification of errors in the control unit with diagnostics. Replacement of gearbox oil, brake pads, shock absorbers, timing belt etc.

Tire Replacement: winter tires and 4 seasons. Sports and track tyres. Repair alloy wheels.

Mechanical repairs: we intervene on any problem of engine breakage or mechanical parts. For repairs to damage from accident we have a body shop service.



An elaborate car is the difference between a tailor-made suit and one bought at the supermarket. When the vehicle becomes specific, sporty or track, the standards no longer meet and it is necessary to intervene with precise modifications on your car, customizing it according to your needs.

We are specialized in sports preparations with a wide range of services: from the installation of approved sports kits to road set-up preparations, from control units mapping to engine preparations up to more specific elaborations for use on the track.

Do you want specific advice for your car?
Visit us in the workshop and we will work together to find the best solution


There are many possible elaborations, both from the electronic side and from that of mechanics. We have summarized below the main categories on which we operate:

ECU Mapping: it is possible to reprogram all the parameters increasing the power and performance of the car.


Engine Processing: modifications to the powertrain such as air filters, camshafts and clutch. Installation of exhausts and sports terminals.

Sport Trim: with reduced excursion shock absorbers, progressive springs and anti-roll bars, the height of the center of gravity and the balance of the car vary.

Braking system: with calipers, oversized or perforated discs and pads with a specific compound, response, modulation and effectiveness of braking are improved.


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