Koenigsegg is a Swedish avante-garde megacar and innovative technology company. A record-breaking tradition courses through our history – the result of pushing the boundaries of automotive technology to achieve higher standards in ultimate performance.
After the Chip Player and Click disappointments, and amidst the general boredom of running his import/export company, Christian decided that instead of chasing after the perfect business idea, he would follow his heart. He would build his dream car. Christian understood that it was virtually impossible and that many had failed before him. But to him, it was a mission – to create the perfect car with no compromises, no limits, and no fear of failure.
It was against this backdrop that a young Christian von Koenigsegg followed a dream and launched
his own car company in 1994. To create the perfect Supercar.
Each and every Koenigsegg has a premium price, but then each and every Koenigsegg has been
painstakingly built by a select group of automotive artisans to the highest possible standards.
At Koenigsegg, we are able to fabricate intricate, hand-made metal and carbon fiber components in
our own hi-tech production facilities. We also source specialist components from a network of
dedicated suppliers and partners – most of which are based in Sweden.


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