About us

Give your car the look it deserves and the performance it needs! We are your supplier for any engine upgrades, stylish modifications or a complete overhaul.
Our products will suit all of your needs within your budget and are compatible with all road, race, rally and drift applications.

Improve your car’s performance with our high-quality tuning parts and match its looks with our wide range of styling parts.

You will find parts for all makes and models in our shop. We are specialized in car parts for Japanese cars, especially Honda. But we also carry a wide range of products for the European car brands.

Our team

We are passionate about cars, following the latest trends and developments within the performance parts industry. We provide excellent customer service, we give you the right information, deal with your orders as fast as possible, and have great after-sales service.
We visit a lot of domestic and international trade events. You can find our shop at these events as well. We are always looking forward attending to these events, also to see our latest customer projects.


2003 – The beginning
Fullcartuning was founded in 2003 by Sander Koelemij in the city of Nijkerk. He started as a small mail-order company, whilst still having a regular job.

2005 – The success
In 2005 we moved into a new warehouse with a 2 desk office, showroom, and small storage. Two years later, we had to expand the shop with a second floor for more storage room.

2010 – To be continued
In 2010 we moved into our current location with a larger showroom, more office space, 800m2 storage room, and also our Webshop got a lot bigger.
We have now grown into one of Europe’s largest distributors of aftermarket tuning parts in the industry, and serve thousands of national and international customers every year.

More than 100 popular quality brands in one place

We are Benelux’s exclusive distributor for a number of brands. We import these brands directly from the USA, Asia, and Europe. This is why we can provide these products with the best-guaranteed prices and ensure your package will be shipped in a timely manner. Most products will be in stock at all times.
Product Range Keeps Growing and Growing! Our online shop has reached over 25.000 products already.


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