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From the chronological point of view, the Automobile was the evolution of the horse-drawn carriage.
From a social point of view, it has contributed to the diffusion and individual mobility of entire countries and generations during the XX century.
From an emotional point of view, he has allowed the Man to experience the thrill of speed: individually, freely (as far as possible) and deluding himself with the control of his power.
Giacomo Balla (painter) in his Manifesto of Futurism defines the car “the most beautiful of Nike of Samothrace” and becomes for him the emblem of victory over the difficulty of representing speed in painting.
Gabriele D’Annunzio has described the operation and “the soul” on several occasions and writings left by him, which we like to remember his definition of 1926 in which it establishes (at least in Italy) “female sex” with these words “The car is feminine. This has the grace, the slenderness, the vivacity of a seductress; he also has a virtue unknown to women: perfect obedience. But, on the other hand, women have the uninhibited levity in overcoming all roughness “.
The emotions have accompanied the car since its origins and us still today seek its presence in every builder, of the past and of the present and we also hope for the future.

  1. Alfa Romeo
  2. Lancia

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