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bmw 320 2017_001


BMW 320

Wonderful BMW 320 2017

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Wonderful Porsche 993 Cabriolet

Wonderful Blue Porsche 993 cabriolet, with hard top, perfect conditions.

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Verona Legend Cars eng

Automotive Trade Fairs May 8, 2018

On the Adige river even this year we had Verona Legend Cars 2018, Market Expo by this time really important meeting for enthusiasts and professional traders.
In this fourth edition guested more than 1.350 historic cars on sale, more than 35.000 visitors, with:

  • Best Trader of Europe
  • The Best Historic Cars
  • Original Spare Parts
  • Clubs
  • Vespa World
  • Vintage World
  • Modeling


Gallery 01

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Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper March 28, 2018

What does it mean “muscle car”?

Maybe the perfect “crazy horse” of all time.
Power, a lot of instantaneous torque, pure mechanical control, big engine, long bonnet, American style everywhere, unbreakable.

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AC Cobra

AC Cobra March 27, 2018

The Essential

AC Cobra, probably exactly what you need to ride muscle performance that not at all can control.
“She” could always have the upper hand, in any moment…but you never have enough.
What do you think?


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Saab 900

Uncategorized March 26, 2018

One Shape for All.

A car, an airplane, cockpit for the driver, cockpit for the pilot.
Probably too much forward for the times, sure one of the most iconic car ever.
What do you think?

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo March 19, 2018

Some words could, better than other, explain Alfa Romeo Philosophy

“Alfa Romeo is not a simple automobile factory: its cars are something more than conventional cars. there are many brands of cars, and among them, the Alfa occupies a separate place. It is a kind of disease, the enthusiasm for a means of transport. It is a way of life, a very special way of conceiving a motor vehicle. Something that resists definitions. Its elements are like those irrational traits of the human spirit that can not be explained by logical terminology. These are feelings, passion, all things that have more to do with the heart than with the brain. Of course, some of these elements are simply mechanical, and therefore they are easy enough to identify. These are concepts that arise from the activity of racing, in which excellence is essential”

(Ing. Orazio Satta Puliga)


Original Italian.
« L’Alfa Romeo non è una semplice fabbrica di automobili: le sue auto sono qualche cosa di più che automobili costruite in maniera convenzionale. ci sono molte marche di automobili, e tra esse l’Alfa occupa un posto a parte. È una specie di malattia, l’entusiasmo per un mezzo di trasporto. È un modo di vivere, un modo tutto particolare di concepire un veicolo a motore. Qualcosa che resiste alle definizioni. I suoi elementi sono come quei tratti irrazionali dello spirito umano che non possono essere spiegati con una terminologia logica. Si tratta di sensazioni, di passione, tutte cose che hanno a che fare più col cuore che con il cervello. Naturalmente alcuni di questi elementi sono semplicemente meccanici, e pertanto sono abbastanza facili da identificare. Sono concetti che nascono dall’attività delle corse, nelle quali l’eccellenza è indispensabile. »

(Ing. Orazio Satta Puliga)


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Lancia Fulvia Coupe

Lancia, Lancia Fulvia Coupe March 12, 2018




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Lancia Delta Integrale

Lancia, Lancia Delta Integrale March 12, 2018

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Lancia Stratos

Lancia, Lancia Stratos March 12, 2018




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Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Cars Brands March 12, 2018

Alfa Romeo Giulia.
She (“it” would be reductive) was the first family car with high performance, that could be driven every day as a commuter, and suddenly provide performance and quality of driving like no other car on the production. Insuperable.



Special Thanks to Robert Alblas

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Alfa Romeo 75

Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo 75, Cars Brands March 12, 2018

Probably the last real Alfa Romeo, rear traction, De Dion rear suspension, torsion bar front suspension and real Alfa Romeo sound. The emotion of driving this car is no more reached by another Alfa Romeo.













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